Photo Essay: Lucid in Lucerne, Part 2

Leaving Lake Lucerne, I continued my walk around Lucerne in winter. I arrived at the main railway station entering to admire the art exhibits suspended within the atrium. Then I walked on, passing the Rosengart Collection Museum until I reached the Reuss, the river that flows out of Lake Lucerne.
Sammlung Rosengart Museum, Lucerne
It is here that the most well known sight in Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) and the octagonal Water Tower can be found. The original bridge was built in 1333, but a fire destroyed most of it in August 1993. It was quickly rebuilt though.
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
An HDR rendition of the bridge with the characteristic ghost people.
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
In summer the bridge is adorned with boxes of flowers along its length. In January, the only decoration was the snow on the roof tiles.
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
The only bits that survived the fire can be found at the ends of the bridge.  The bridge even has access for wheelchair users.
Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
The paintings are from the 17th Century, but of course most are reproductions from photographs taken before that fateful night. Some of the paintings on the Water Tower side of the bridge are originals.

The area was also sparsely populated with visitors to the city. The cold weather, overcast sky and the fact that it was a morning in January all played their part. Visiting somewhere like Lucerne, in winter has its advantages with very little in the way of crowds. When do you prefer to visit popular destinations?

The next post in this series will continue the walk into the old city and around the ancient walls.

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