Earth Day 2011

I’m very conscious of the fact that Earth Day is misused for all sorts of purposes, from selling cheap flights to “eco-resorts”, to celebrities greening their image for a day. I gave some thought to how I would celebrate Earth Day. In the end I decided to share “La Belle Verte” (The Green Beautiful), a film I enjoyed very much for its funny look at how an advanced civilisation might view us, but with some deep messages within. It even includes Marion Cotillard before she starred in “Taxi” and went on to get an Oscar for her role in “La vie en rose”. It was filmed in some beautiful locations in Languedoc-Roussillon, Australia as well as Paris .
The film has not received much exposure since it was first aired in 1995. The Green Beautiful’s Channel on You Tube enables this film to be viewed in nine parts. A poorer quality version is available on Google Videos until May

Have you seen the Green Beautiful? If so, what did you think of it?
Enjoy Earth Day!

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