Coach @ North Uist

A Scottish Magical Mystery

A Scottish Magical Mystery


Coach @ North Uist
Mystery coach, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

You come across the strangest things while walking in the Outer Hebrides. You can walk all day and not meet another soul, but then, parked up in the middle of the croft is a coach; I immediately start wondering how it got there.

My theory is that a party of tourists from St Albans came to the islands one July and parked up in a grassy field for a picnic. Little did they know that it wasn’t to be their picnic, but that they would be eaten alive by the locals, in a plot lifted from a low budget horror movie. It is a known fact that the midges are at their most bloodthirsty in July. 😉

If you had to think up a story of how these coaches end up empty in the middle of nowhere, what would you come up with? I will not accept answers like: “The crofter saw the old coach on ebay for £4.99 and couldn’t resist it, so bought it and put it there until he thought of a use for it.” Does placing a coach in places like these benefit or degrade the environment?



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2 thoughts on “A Scottish Magical Mystery”

  1. It is probably left over from “The Scottish Job” I can just hear Michael Caine hollering in a Scottish brogue “I told you just to blow the bloody doors!” Maybe Sean Connery would be more suitable as the star!

  2. Hahaha Iain, very plausible. It might explain why you always come across a Mark One Mini in the ditch on each of the three corners, on the road leading to the area.

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