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Hi, I’m John, TravelCrunch is a sort of travel blog. It does not stick to the conventions of being a weblog or journal but it is updated with various topics from the past, present and possibly discussions of the future.

Budget travel has always interested me and so has sharing my experiences with other travellers. As time goes on though I have become increasingly aware that the planet we inhabit has limited resources. The way we travel today will affect the travel aspirations of future generations even possibly their quality of life.
Treading lightly as we travel this beautiful world will ensure that our successors can enjoy it as much as we do.
This has been started to discuss these issues and share experiences and tips for travellers who are want keep the cost of their travel to themselves and the environment to a minimum.
Please feel free to challenge any of my views on here, I don’t profess to be an expert and I’m certainly not ‘holier than thou’.

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If you would like to e-mail me then how about trying this: username@host.co.uk? Which will now get lots of spam from webots. But changing the “username” to “mail”  and using the name of this blog instead of “host” will very likely deliver an e-mail to me. Me getting around to reading it may be a lot slower; so please be patient. If you would like to get me faster, a Tweet sent to @eurapart will land in my phone very quickly and is likely to be read.

About John Williams

John Williams looks at travel from a responsible consumer's perspective. He is doesn't accept hosted trips, so don't expect gushing reports of experiences that neither he, you, nor our planet can afford. He, is the first to acknowledge that when it comes to sustainable travel, he has a lot to learn. TravelCrunch is a platform for sharing his learning, but if you have any tips or disagreements feel free to air them in the comments.

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