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Deserted beaches, an ancient settlement and islands

This photo essay accompanies my latest post for the Visit Britain Superblog. “In the footsteps of Monty Halls on North Uist“. The Udal Peninsula was one of Monty Halls favourite spots in the Uists in Scotland’s magnificent Western Isles.

View from Udal Peninsula across Harris Sound

View across Harris Sound to the mountainous Isle of Harris.


A boat moored a long way from the nearest habitation.

Pebbles on beach somewhere near elusive cross on wall

Pebbles on the beach near the elusive “Cross on the wall”.

Good sign. Yellow moss on rock

Yellow moss apparently only grows in unpolluted environments.

Ancient wheelhouse

One of the best examples of a wheelhouse in North Uist. This spot was occupied for over 5000 years.

Crop or wild flowers?

Never managed to find out if these were grown as a crop or were natural. They completely covered a crofter’s field.

All photos by author.


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