Q. Who pays for my travel covered in this blog? A. I do.
If I visit somewhere then there is a very high probability you can afford to also. If I think a destination or product is good value, it is because as far as I was concerned it was. I may have had an excellent night’s stay in a hotel but if it used up a lot of my financial resources for the trip then it is not going to rate highly with me.

It is not my ambition to go on Press Trips, but if you really want me to cover a destination activity, then I will be happy to do so as long as:

1. The reports don’t end up in this blog magazine. So if you have your own blog or website where the articles can be published, then I might be able to work for you

2. You don’t insist on me signing a contract restricting my freedom to write on any subject I choose including your competitors.

I guess that will have put you off if you were interested. I do write for the VisitBritain Superblog with original articles and sometimes link to them with related articles on this site. If the articles were produced as a result of a Press Trip,  there will be no link from this site.

If you have a blog then you might be interested in staying with me in my apartment at Chamonix this winter. You will have to pay for your travel to the resort, food and lift passes. Only your accommodation will be free.

TravelCrunch is not set up to earn money, or if you prefer big words, monetised.

About John Williams

John Williams looks at travel from a responsible consumer's perspective. He is doesn't accept hosted trips, so don't expect gushing reports of experiences that neither he, you, nor our planet can afford. He, is the first to acknowledge that when it comes to sustainable travel, he has a lot to learn. TravelCrunch is a platform for sharing his learning, but if you have any tips or disagreements feel free to air them in the comments.

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